About Big Mike’s Fitness

Build your ideal gym right in your home and take your workout to the next level with Big Mike’s Fitness! Big Mike’s Fitness is a provider of quality fitness products at a reasonable price. Let us give you the tools to get the workout you have been craving, from the comfort of your home. Explore our superb array of exercise equipment and products at unbeatable prices

How We Started

Big Mike’s Fitness is the brainchild of Big Mike. Big Mike and his wife always had a desire to stay fit and in 2012 they decided to share their passion for fitness with the world. Mike and his wife, busy with work and their three kids did not have time to go to a local gym. Mike's only option was to create his perfect gym at home. His search for workout and fitness products led him to big name stores like Target and Walmart, whose products he found to be expensive and of inferior quality. From that point on Mike started constructing his own fitness products, gears, and accessories. Mike's passion for fitness and desire for high quality equipment has transformed into a commitment to make fitness accessible for everyone.

Mission Statement

Big Mike’s Fitness is committed to provide you with excellent products of superior quality and lasting value. We are here to support our customers in their journey to a healthy and active lifestyle.

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